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Het trimmen van een Golden Retriever

What is more beautiful then a Golden groomed, without the long hair coming on all the places we don't want them to have.


What do we need to trimm a Golden Retriever> :

1 brush
2 comb
3 straight-edged scissors    
4 thinning scissors
5 nail-cutters(I prefer a guillotine type)
6 flashlight


Take your time, better can do the trimming in several days then in one session.

Some points to remember before we start :

1 It is better to take off too little hair when first trimming rather then too much - you cannot glue it on
2 Always do one or two cuts with the thinning scissors, then comb, to see what you have cut and what effect it has
3 Never cut across the hair
4 Always use an upward movement and push the sciccors underneath the top layer
5 Keep combing throughout the trimming session

grooming2.gif (21114 bytes)

Before I start to trimm my doggie always brush and comb it from top to tail.
So if there are tangles you can remove them.

Where you start is up to you, I most of the time start with the hindlegs, then the end of the tail, then the frontside and last but not least the paws and rest of tail.

The idea of trimming you Golden is to neaten his profile, in Europe the hair on the chest is cut much shorter as in America, but never so short that it looks like the chest has been shaved.
The secret of succesful trimming is to remove very little hair at a time and then to comb so that you can monitor the effect.

Dark coloured Goldens are more difficult to trimm then the lighter ones, as any accidental removal of the top coat results in the paler undercoat becoming visible. So be carefull!!

So let's start!!!!!!!

I always put the doggies on a stable table, on that table have a tablecover of vinyl. When triming let them stand on the table. You can also use a trimmingtable.


Step 1

First like I told before brush and comb totally.

Then I start with the feathering of the hindquaters. Look at it, does it need tidied? Well we use for the feathering the thinnings cissors, always cut it upwards, two times then comb. All the hair that is hanging over the hock, needs to be shortened till above the hock and all the hair that is hanging not flat next to the leg needs to be trimmed away very carefully. After that I always cut the end of the tail on the right lenght, a Golden should have a tail, reaching to the hock, but when a Golden is higher on legs, prefer an other length. That depends on what my eye sees and prefers when the doggie is standing on the table.
If your doggie has very short tail, the hair on the end must stay longer and reach to the top of the hock.
I do that with the straight-edged scissors, the rest of the tail I do later when laying on the floor.

So now we go to the foreside of the Golden and remember don't do to much in one time, if the doggie is not standing still anymore, go further next day, don't do to much, especially with a doggie who is never trimmed before.

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Tonny Hoevers